About Chef Tracey

     As a ten year old, Tracey's first feel of dough in her hands sparked her love and curiosity for food.  She used her family as test subjects as she experimented in the kitchen.  While most experiments went well, occasionally disaster struck.  On those occasions she was determined to find out what went wrong and how to fix it.  That determination & tenacity served her well as later in life she landed a job in food manufacturing at Frito Lay where she became a Certified Subject Matter Expert in Mixing, Sheeting & Baking as well as Certified Quality & Sensory Trainer.  Throughout her 21 year career, she has traveled throughout the U.S. and Internationally using her knowledge to help troubleshoot problems, ensure product lines run at standard and help roll out new products, processes and flavors.  She has been recognized with the Starfleet Heros Award, Leadership Circle Award and the prestigious Pepsico Chairman's Circle of Champions Award.

     During this time she felt a drive to learn more and went back to school to pursue  her Culinary Arts & Food Service Management Degree.  During her time in school she became a member of Women Chef's & Restaurateurs and was awarded the "Two Hot Tamales" Internship with Mary Sue Milliken & Susan Feniger from the Food Network's Show "The Two Hot Tamales," working in their restaurant Cuidad.  Her first job while in school was in catering where she immediately felt at home and developed her plating & presentation skills.  From there she became the Chef at the Country Rose Bistro where her duties included baking for both the bistro & team room, kitchen operations for dinner service and catering.   Tracey has worked both front of the house & back of the house in restaurants but working with food is her passion.  Eventually she decided to go out on her own.  She became a member of The United States Personal Chef Association and started her own business as a Personal Chef.  Tracey utilizes her many years in the food industry to help her clients make good food choices and eat fresh, delicious meals, as well as helping them celebrate their personal & business events with a focus on presentation along with flavor.